“Knock-out” game growing

The deadly trend among teens is skyrocketing, but is there a way we can prevent it?


Recently, people in the US have been uploading videos on YouTube showing teens playing a violent game called “knock-out”. The game has been popping up in big cities all over the US causing injury and even death to many innocent bystanders.

The game involves a group of teens, where one records the others on video out in public. They walk down alley ways, streets, shopping centers, etc. and look for random people walking the other direction. The group walks by and one of the teens sucker punches them as hard as they can in the head, causing the civilians to get knocked out. When the victim falls, the others run away and try not to get caught.

The reason given for such a terrible act is shocking. The teens involved in this horrific game are asked why they do it, and most of them gave the same answer. Not to steal their money, not to rape them, not because that person did anything to them. The reason being is that the teens are bored and have nothing to do.

The twisted game got me thinking what is wrong with our society today? How could someone in the right mind just knock someone out for the sole purpose of them being bored?

There are some ways to protect yourself from being a victim of this brutal joke. The easiest way is whenever you are out in public or walking down streets, just be careful and always watch your back. Stand a distance from a group of teenagers you see. Another route you could go, which can be used for self-defense in general, is carry some sort of weapon on you like some pepper spray, a taser, or maybe even a handgun if you have  a concealed carry permit.

This savage game has caused many to be in the hospital and actually killed a couple people. I am sickened by the thought of these kids playing these games and will be aware of the threat from now on.