Django: Unchained leaves us speechless


They call him “the fastest hand in the west.” And Django would have no problem saying that with his chest. He might even take you to Strawberry for another quest. And dang, does the beauty of his wife keep him obsessed…

OK I’m sorry, I am done rhyming now.

Django is not a westerner to your surprise; he is an ex-slave with a burning vengeance. The movie is a story of love, passion and revenge that will leave you satisfied and smiling. If you are looking for a movie to make you feel like there are no obstacles on your road to greatness, come check out the fastest hand in the west.

The story begins pre-Civil War when a wondering “dentist” stumbles upon a group of slaves being drug across a southern state. The man is looking for a Django, yet this was no dentist because he kills the slave owners and takes Django to search for men with a bounty on their head. Yes, the dentist was actually a bounty hunter, but this will be one of the least startling things of the movie because it ramps up with no limit.

Django and the bounty hunter talking as they leave a town

Along their journey, Django helps the bounty hunter with his quest a becomes a companion along the way. The bounty hunter sees light in Django eyes as he is a better shot and more deadly assassin than the bounty hunter himself.

Django asks a favor. Could they go steal back his wife whom he was torn apart from not too long ago?

Schultz, the bounty hunter, agrees.

The two make it to the plantation where the girl is and find her being tortured. Django, after fantasizing about his beautiful wife for years, was so heated it was like you just poured gallons of black oil on a forest fire.

Loooooooong story short, he tries to trick the owner, gets caught, gets in a huge gun battle to escape, gets caught for good, and is sent to rot with other prisoners and slaves. Still with his wits about him, he tricks the men transporting him and escapes. He gets his revenge, kills literally anyone and everyone who did him wrong, and gets his girl back.

The overall production was incredible. They knew how to play on racial tensions perfectly. They even had a black actor cast against Django; which was a perfect way to keep internal conflicts within the movie. The revenge story was so sweet you would be begging for the movie to continue, though the ending was satisfying enough. Also, the ending was perfect. He blows up the plantation house that held his wife and killed the entire family that owned it, including the black guy against him. It was so unique in the fact a western was made into an action movie that was perfectly romantic and adventurous.

Jamie at the Oscars

The lead characters did great. Jamie Foxx is like the most studly, most sly, most beast mode actor I think I have ever seen after watching this movie. The way he could control his emotions perfectly as events heated up was impressive. I know Foxx from some of the music collabs he has had for example, “Slow Jamz.”

Christoph Waltz, who played Schultz was good for his role. The personality of such a large individual packed into little Shultz was great complimenting the humble but beastlike nature of Django. Leonardo DiCaprio was also in this movie. He was the plantation owner who was severely racist and the antagonist to Django. Since he has such great range as an actor, it was no problem to use some southern twang and warm smiles to convince the audience of his southern savage character.

There really were no special effects in this movie besides some of the production features like flash backs and reminiscing moments. In the closing scene, Django blows up the plantation house and rides off into the night.

The explosion most likely needed special effects. In my opinion, the most “special effect” was Django being a stud with his suave and restricted anger.

No doubt he is the fastest hand in the west and there is no need to say it with his chest.