COVID-19 impact on the NFL


An empty Nissan Stadium waiting for the Titans to return.

Going into this NFL season, many fans, and probably even players and coaches, were wondering if there would be any major differences this year compared to years in the past. Fans were worried after the NFL decided to cancel all four preseason games, but so far, the regular season is going well. Some teams are not allowing fans, and if they are, only a small amount is allowed into games. Several teams have already had positive tests for Coronavirus, and games have been rescheduled.

The first major wave of positive cases hit the Tennessee Titans. The Titans have had at least 20 people in their organization test positive. Rumors are starting to spread that they may have to forfeit games. The Titans were advised by the NFL to not practice with everyone at this time, however there are reports of “secret workouts” that the team had been having. If these allegations are true, the Titans could be facing some serious consequences from the NFL. The team practiced at least once at a high school without permission from the league or the school. The Titans facilities were currently closed temporarily. The team hopes that they can be back to normal within the next few weeks.

Report: Patriots QB Cam Newton Tests Positive for COVID-19
Cam Newton is reportedly doing fine after testing positive for COVID-19. (Photo from

Cam Newton, quarterback for the New England Patriots, has also tested positive. He was asymptomatic and is feeling fine but could still be a risk to his teammates. The Patriots game against the Broncos was postponed for week five and is set to be rescheduled. The game was cancelled due to another positive test for the Patriots. Both teams were given a bye week for week five.

This weekend, news broke that the Bears and Chiefs were also reporting at least one positive case within their organizations. A member of the Bears practice squad and a strength coach for the Chiefs have tested positive. These cases hopefully not have a very big impact on the teams and result in cancellations.

Some NFL experts and reporters think that the NFL should temporarily pause the season for all 32 teams. Conor Orr from Sports Illustrated says’ “The logical thing to do right now would be to pause the NFL season for a full incubation period, starting immediately.” He and several others think that the league should wait about a month before resuming the season.