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The Extra Life Game Day Event from 2019 in Cincinnati

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The Extra Life Game Day Event from 2019 in Cincinnati

Extra Life Game Day

November 10, 2020

Extra Life Game Day is a 24 hour charity game streaming event to raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. This is the twelfth year for this event, originally started back in 2008 after a young girl from Orange Texas during her treatment for leukemia. This girl during her treatment formed a friendship with Jeromy Adams who was part of a gaming community.



After her passing Adams decided to start a charity event to keep her memory alive and help support others fighting leukemia.

At the time game streaming was a new concept; however the idea of doing something you loved to help support a good cause was bound to spread rapidly.

Over the next few years the event did just that. With the rise of popularity in streaming platforms such as Twitch Extra Life was able to raise more and more money. In 2011 alone, they raised $1 million.
Twitch and Extra Life officially formed a formal partnership in 2012 and the event continued to spread rapidly. By 2014 Extra Life had over 100,000 participants and donors.

Over time, the event has evolved. Originally it started out with just one hospital in one community. That has since grown to a worldwide network of communities participating to help support their local hospitals.

This year in Cincinnati, a local event was held as part of the worldwide Extra Life game day. In Cincinnati the event was held to benefit the Children’s Hospitals COVID-19 Impact Fund.

This year marked the first the event was held entirely virtual; however that did not stop it from having great success. This year the worldwide event raised over $12 million dollars, a new record.
Over the lifetime of the event, it has raised over $82 million dollars to help support those who need it the most. While the official event may be over, Extra Life encourages you to hold your own game day streams, and donations will stay open until December 31st.

If you are at all interested in games, even just board games, consider streaming to help raise money for a great cause.


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