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Academic team

Winter sports are some of the best times for Elder. You got the intense GCL basketball games, wrestling some of the best schools in the state, slapping the puck around for the hockey team, and even watching the bowling team absolutely destroy the others. But one sport no one really knows or talks about is the academic team.

The academic team is always left under the shadows by the likes of basketball and bowling but in reality, what they do is no easy task. I interviewed Coach Ceddia, and an Academic Team veteran, Matthew Walter to see what is in store for this season for the academic team.

I asked Walter what is the Elder academic team? He responded, “It’s a four on four trivia that is comparable to Jeopardy. Coached by the G.O.A.T Mr. Ceddia. We have been dominating the GCL for a few years. Some Elder Academic legends on this team are Joe Book and Kevin Klayer.”

What are some bright spots on this team? He said,”Of course me, Theo Miller, Benjamin Kean aka “Ken Bean”, and some of the underclassmen who joined are definitely going to make an impact on this team this year.

“How confident are you in this team? He said, “I’m going to be honest, I thought that we weren’t going to be good at all, and we started of 1-0 and we already clinched to state which is good because we got screwed out of it last year. I  hope that we finish strong.”

“What are your goals for this season?” Matthew Walter replied, “My goals for this year are to win a playoff game, which has been a dream of mine for the last two years. I want the JV team to do well so that the future of the Academic team will be stronger than ever. And lastly to win state, if the academic team this year wins the state championship, it will be something to remember for the rest of my life.”