Crawford earning his minutes


The Boston Celtics have found a rhythm with a new batch of starters. Despite being only 12-15 this season, the Celtics have started to turn things around. Since November 23rd, they have posted an 8-5 record with their new group of starters on the floor. Jared Sullinger fills out the five spot and Brandon Bass is at the four. Both these guys average a combined 25.4 points a game. Jeff Green and Avery Bradley are both listed as shooting guards, with Jordan Crawford playing point guard, a position he has not played a whole lot in his basketball career.

At Xavier, Crawford was primarily a shooting guard. At 6’4”, he was a great scorer who could shoot from the outside and drive to the hoop. Crawford was especially known for his ability to create his own shots. Since entering the NBA, he hasn’t been as big of a scorer as he was in college. He has shown his ability to handle the ball well, and even score when he needs to. Averaging about 14 points a game, he has stepped up and played the role of a scoring point guard.

With an injured Rajon Rondo still on the bench, Crawford will continue to see a lot of minutes. He has been in the spotlight with the job of filling in for one of the top point guards in league. Crawford has been nothing short of productive in scoring and has shown his strong ability to make those incredible passes. The real question becomes what will happen when Rajon Rondo returns?

Crawford could most likely at the very least fill in a spot at the two guard, either behind Bradley or in front. A starting five consisting of Rondo and Crawford, Green and Bass, and Sullinger seems like it could be a dominant one. And that lineup adds to the depth of the Celtics. With the five listed above in the starting lineup that leaves Bradley as an option off the bench.

The chances that Crawford would be moved to the starting shooting guard when Rondo comes back are pretty good, but the Celtics could also go a different direction with the former Muskie. A possible trade could be a move for the Celtics. Rondo could even possibly be on the trade block. With Crawford playing as well as he is, and Bradley even in the mix at one of the guard positions, Rondo may not even be needed. Boston could definitely get a decent big man, or even add another guard/forward. The possibilities are endless in what Boston could do with their abundance of guards.  With Rondo potentially returning in the near future, Boston will be looking to make a move after his return.