Even Bigfoot reduced to money, so what can’t be?

Many humans have yet to realize where they stand.

Many humans have yet to realize where they stand.

This coming Friday January 10th, Spike TV will be airing the premier episode of their new show “10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty”. The show will include teams of supposed searchers who will be “in the wilderness of North America”, in search for “irrefutable evidence” of Bigfoot.

I feel that maybe the person behind this show is someone who believes an operation like this will actually lead him/her to the creature, and they have contracts and all kinds of crap that ends up with money. I haven’t seen the show yet, but I don’t think they’re doing the show out of respect for nature. It feels as if this is just a gambit to exploit the rare undisturbed places still left on the planet.

Les Stroud, commonly known for his show Survivorman, spoke in recent years of a possible endeavor – that would be him going into the depths of the untouched, and to the farthest reaches of the Sasquatch hotspots – to survive indefinitely among the creatures, hopefully resulting in a Bigfoot encounter. This is the road to be taken to encounter the animal; as far as reverence for nature is concerned.

Regardless of the content of any show – the label of reality TV raises a red flag of doubt with me. Humans simply exploring the woods as an instinct of passion is what we’re meant to do anyway, but bringing in camera crews so that the superficial world can act like they understand what is going on.

The Senior VP of Spike TV said, “We’re not doing this purely for entertainment.” I wish this at least was true, but I don’t know if I’ll believe that coming from the guy in the big office with dollar signs in his grin.

The new show gives off the idea of putting a price on the head of the unseen animal, and is turning a century-old, scientific quest into a game. I don’t think the show will surprise me and be somehow all-concerned about preserving and not destroying, and not disturbing wildlife and the entity of the woods with their commercial operation.

Shows like this show the idea that humans have of being better than everything else. Disturbing wild space, like the show may very well be doing, is a prime example of how parasitic humans are in their treatment of the Earth.