Safety first

It’s time.  The clock is about to strike 2:30, and the final bell is about to sound.  Once that bell rings, students rush to their cars to try and beat the traffic on their ways home from school.  The thought of an afternoon snack accompanied by one’s favorite beverage is instilled in every student’s brain, and that is when the gas pedal hits the floor.  Everything seems fine until the red and blue lights start flashing and the boys in blue are running your tags for speeding.

There is also another reason for traffic tickets in the pockets of Elder students.  The end of Jamestown has been the scene of many stop sign infractions at the Rutledge intersection.  This is due to the lack of traffic which is normal for the intersection, but rolling the stop sign is still unsafe because there are many children outside when Elder students are driving home.

Elder’s Dean of Discipline, Mr. Ruffing, has received many calls from neighbors in the area due to the stop sign infractions and reckless driving which some students have been involved in.   These infractions have mostly happened on Jamestown because the houses are close to the street, but these calls have also been for the other numerous routes which are used by Elder students after school.