Now we’ve met their mother


How I Met Your Mother has been one of the most popular shows over the past couple of years and is finally coming to an end. After nine seasons of popularity it has finally come to a close. Whether it was Ted trying to figure out who “the one” was or Barney accepting another challenge, it kept the audience constantly entertained.

If you have never watched this show then I suggest you do. The whole show was Ted describing to his kids the story of how he met their mother. It’s five friend’s post-college days that all hang out at a bar called McLaren’s. Whether it’s Barney finding a new hook-up or Ted getting a new girlfriend, every episode is bound to keep you on the edge of your seat.

The main characters on the show the show are all best friends, Ted, Marshall, Lily, Barney and Robin. The show’s popularity came from Barneys reoccurring lines such as “suit up” or “legend-wait for it-dary”. Also the anticipation of who the mother is throughout the whole nine seasons has kept fans hooked and waiting. They finally get their wish to meet the mother in season nine.

Obviously it was a long story considering it ran for 9 seasons and they are just now figuring out how he met her and the audience is just now meeting the mother for the first time. Ted went through a series of girls throughout the show hoping they were each the one. A reoccurring girlfriend for Ted was Robin, who is a main character in the show.

The final season has been very slow but I expect it to pick up once they finally meet the mother. Currently in season nine they are at a wedding. Ted is expected to meet the mother on his way home from this wedding so the finale is in the near future.

For anyone who has not seen this show, I would highly recommend it. Seasons 1-8 are all on Netflix. Even though the show is coming to a close, it will always be a popular show and will continue to be re-watched multiple times by fans.