Bowl game “gifts” or benefits?

Bowl game gifts or benefits?

In nearly every bowl game, the sponsor of that game gives out luxurious gifts to all the participants on both of the opposing sides. Each Bowl is allowed to award up to $550 worth of gifts to 125 participants per school. Also schools can buy additional packages so they can distribute beyond the allowed 125 participants. Participants can also receive awards up to $400 from the school and up to $400 for post season and bowl play.

Surprisingly that’s not all. Gift suites are set up as private events in which game participants, and bowl VIPs, are given an order form and allowed to select a gift, or gifts up to a price that is already set by each  bowl, not to exceed the NCAA limit. Fossil Products such as watches, hand bags and other accessories have been featured at 19 bowl games this year which includes players, staff, Cheerleaders and VIPs.

In all honesty bowl games go right along with the holidays as something to just sit back and enjoy. With the whole idea of a bowl as being one big event is pretty cool also. But regular season games just get harder and harder to watch each when teams are banned from bowls, and lose players for excepting illegal benefits when the event itself is a display of players excepting benefits.

In a way it’s kind of appalling when we see situations such as the Terrell Pryor incident getting in the way of teams and there post season future. Terrell Pryor bartered his OWN PERSONAL things for tattoos that had nothing to do with the game of football and didn’t affect anybody.

If Pryor is giving away his own rings and trophies that doesn’t affect anybody’s performance and sponsors and the schools are giving away free luxurious gifts, is it fair to call the NCAA hypocrites? I think so.