PC paves the future of gaming


The releases of the PlayStation4 and the Xbox One have been highly discussed over the past few months, but one genre of gaming has remained constant regarding the future: PC.

People obsess over the new console that arrives every few years, but the gamers who use a PC already have parts in their desktop that are equivalent, if not better, in quality to the new console. Seeing as how serious gamers are always striving for the best graphics and speed, PC offers a much better option for high quality gaming.

Mr. Jameson, whom has built his own PC, said that the highest quality and versatility for a gamer would be achieved with a PC because you can always upgrade the parts.

With a PC you get a better experience, but it requires a larger investment and knowledge for building and use.”

— Mr. Jameson

Because of these two aspects, Mr. Jameson believes that consoles will always be more popular, but at a lower quality than PC.

What makes a gamer? His love for games. So wouldn’t a gamer want cheaper prices in order to buy as many games as possible? With online stores such as Steam or EA’s Origin, gamers can buy games at highly discounted prices.

The positives to buying a game online are numerous. You don’t have a disk that can be scratched accidentally. If you get a new computer, the games can be downloaded again from the online store. Often, there are store-wide sales online that offer bundles of games for a much cheaper price than if you were to buy them individually.

Many people complain about the PC not having controllers, or not being able to hook up to a big screen like the TV, but with the right software and a cable or two, both of those things are possible.

Gabe Newell, president of Valve Corporation, said in an interview, “People like their PCs. There are huge numbers of them and each person gets to have the one that they like rather than the one that someone else has defined for them.”

Essentially, Newell is talking about the personal experience that a PC provides. Software and hardware can be customized for the specific needs of the PC user, whereas on a console the specifications are already pre-determined.

Though console sales are still far exceeding the sales of the PC, many users have been switching over in the past few years due to the limited capabilities of a console.

Joey Keilholz, a junior here at Elder, is a strong supporter of gaming on PC because of the higher specifications that a PC has to offer. He said in an interview that the cost alone of a PC is assuaged by the cheap games purchased online. A game for PS4 or Xbox that would normally cost 60 dollars may cost as low as twenty dollars for the online download.

Within the next few years, PC sales will rise due to the many issues being had with Xbox One and the high price of games for both the Xbox One and the PS3. Though consoles will most likely be more popular throughout generations, the future of gaming is designated for the PC due to a better gaming experience.