How does The Office stay at the top?


How does the office continue to keep its relevancy and stay on top as one of the best sitcoms ever? People seem to not get enough of the awesome characters portrayed in the show, Pam, Kevin, Jim, Dwight, and of course Michael. Personally, I have been able to watch the series multiple times and still never get bored of it. I am even able to listen without even watching the show. But how does the show do this?

The show features characters that we can all connect to on a personal level providing comfort to the viewer. After watching the whole show, even after only the first time makes us feel like the characters in the show are our friends. We get to watch them grow up and progress in life as most of the characters find love and get married, have kids, buy a house, even get new jobs. We feel happy and cheer for the characters who accomplish these moments in their lives that we get to watch. The show also does a great job at keeping us entertained, in almost every episode I laughed multiple times. A show with nine seasons and twenty five episodes in each would usually have a hard time keeping you entertained, not the office. In one episode, Michael and Dwight are casually delivering gift baskets to ex customers who left Dunder Mifflin because other companies had the convenience of a website. That episode ends with Michael driving his car into a lake.

The show makes you feel like anything can happen, an episode that starts extremely calm can end up with Meredith setting her hair on fire The episodescan also start off with a bang. Just like when Dwight set a garbage can on fire, he then faked a real fire and everybody lost it. They were breaking windows, trying to climb through the panels in the ceiling, Kevin ends up breaking the glass on the vending machine and steals the snacks. Stanley ends up having a heart attack just in that opening scene of that episode


The Office speaks for itself when keeping up with the other big dogs of the sitcom industry. It holds itself up as one of the best of our generation. The Office has lived to tell the tale and will continue on its reign at the top of the game.