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Luke Thrasher

Cayse Morgan getting big air.

Every winter since 1980, Perfect North has been home to thousands of skiers and snowboarders every single day. Many people just want to fulfil their desires to shred some pow as if they were in Colorado but for many people it is much more than that. For some people it gives them a sport sense by going to what is called the “Park”. The “Park” is where you can attempt to ride rails or hit a jump. Elder is home to many people that ride in the park.

Cayse on rail
Cayse Morgan ’25 riding a rail

Whether the snow is naturally made or not, the crew does a very good job at making realistic snow that makes you feel as if you’re in Colorado with only having to drive 20-50 minutes away. They have a variety of hills ranging from double black diamond (difficult) all the way to “bunny hills”- really easy runs. They have a pro and beginner terrain parks to match your level of skill.

Skiing and snowboarding are not cheap if you’re wanting to attempt to go to Perfect North. With the cost of skis, boards, goggles, helmets, boots, pants, jackets and more you will end up spending quite a lot to pursue this activity. And with that comes the price of a lift ticket or if you’re going to go more than a few times, perhaps a season pass. A single day lift ticket will run you $57 which grants you four hours unless you buy the 8-hour day pass which is $72.

If you think that you’re going to go many times you should think about buying a pass. Buying a “Perfect Pass” grants you all day access with no lift ticket necessary it cost $466. You could also purchase the “Gold Pass which lets you attend every single day for up to 8 hours for $381. For additional information and to see their other passes go to the website Perfect North.

Perfect North is home to many competitions including: Rail Jams which is people doing tricks on rails continuously for a period of time. They also have their annual Big Air which consist of competitors doing their top three tricks off a pro jump. They also have racing for ski and board. Elder unfortunately doesn’t have a team for this but one of our GCL rivals, Moeller does. Elder’s very own Cayse Morgan ’25 and Freddy Mazza ’19 have won these competitions many of times and are some of the best park skiers at Perfect North.

Sophomore Cayse Morgan is Perfect North’s 2023 PNS Rail Jam AM Ski winner (Provided by

I decided to get input on some of your fellow classmates that go to Perfect often. I spoke to Cayse Morgan ’25 who has been skiing since he was around three and picked up the terrain park when he was in first grade. Cayse has won two competitions. He won the big air am when he was only in seventh grade. I remember seeing the smile on his face after he landed his cork 10.  He also won this years rail jam. Cayse is in the ski club here at Elder and states “Come out and join the club its fun”. Cayse also said, “Even if you have a main sport you can still come out and ski. It is a passion not a hobby.” He has no plans to be an Olympian but that doesn’t matter because he is going to make it to the PGA Tour.

If you want to go skiing with some Elder students that can show you the way on the slopes, go talk to Mr. Ward ’16. He skis and is the supervisor of the ski club here at Elder. Don’t worry if you want to snowboard, you are allowed. I am just biased to skiing because that is what I’ve been doing since first grade.


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