Foo Fighters fight for more success

Foo Fighters fight for more success

The Foo Fighters are one of America’s top rock bands of the late 90’s and 2000’s. Michael Trotta, a junior at Elder said, “I think it’s possible to look at them as the rock icon because they are one of the few bands left that still have that classic sound. Their last album still has that sound that is reminiscent of older rock songs.”

Recently, the band has been working on creating a new album, which is being quite anticipated in the world of rock and roll.

Mr. Dickman, a long time Foo Fighters fan, said that he is always excited for a new album, and he is always ready to buy it as soon as he can. He stated, “I really love all of their songs, and I can’t wait for the new songs, but my favorite is Everlong.”

The last album created by the Foo Fighters was Wasting Light. The album was recorded on tape, in Dave Grohl’s garage because the band wanted a sound that was rawer and more natural than one produced in a studio in order to give the band’s sound the quality that it deserved.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Dave Grohl said, “We begin recording soon, but we’re doing it in a way that no one’s done before and we’re writing the album in a way that I don’t think has been done before.”

Dave Grohl has always been a man of creative ideas, so the fact that he is saying something will be original and never before done is quite remarkable. Even if the album is recorded on tape in Dave’s garage once again, it will still be respected by those who want music to be produced creatively.

This past year, in December of 2013, the band started touring again. The band played a concert in Mexico, and shortly after, a plethora of interviews with the band occurred.

Dave Grohl said during one of the interviews that the Foo Fighters will be playing multiple concerts in 2014 and is looking forward to playing for an audience.

The Foo Fighters also played a gig for the Super Bowl in a parking lot sponsored by the Bud Light Hotel. The Zac Brown Band also played as an opener, but the majority of fans went to see the Foo Fighters live once again.

The Foo Fighters are nearing their twenty year anniversary that is to come later on in the year. Dave Grohl has been producing music for the band for longer than some of his fans have been alive, yet he is still able to create a great sound that all of his fans are able to appreciate and that is why the Foo Fighters can be considered an iconic American Rock band.