Mysterious disappearance

Mysterious disappearance

Last Saturday a Boeing 777-200 took off in Kuala, Lumpur. The plane was heading from the Malaysian capital to Beijing. The flight departed from the station at twelve-forty-one. Then the plane disappeared in the skies of Southeast Asia.

The pilots did not indicate any problem to the control tower and there was no distress signal issued. Military officials in Malaysia say that the plane might have turned around and went back to Lumpur before it disappeared.

The Boeing 777-200 had two hundred and thirty-nine people on board. With two hundred and twenty-seven passengers and twelve crew members. Many of these passengers are very talented civilians. Some of the passengers are painters and calligraphers.

According to CNN, authorities say they are checking all of the crew members and passengers passports for verification to see if they were who they said they were. They are suspicious somebody that was on that plane was not supposed to.  Authorities also explained that some of the passengers that boarded the plane had unknown identities.

According to Fox News, authorities said that they had not found any remnants of the plane and have yet to find any sign of where the plane went down. Not one single part of the plan has been found hitting the ground.

Many people asked, “How do you lose an aircraft?” Especially one that big and how did no one even see this giant plane? Well authorities say that no one knows where the aircraft went off the radar. The plane has to be grounded somewhere because no plane can last that long in the air. It would run out of gas.

I could wonder what is going through the families of the people on the jets head. They don’t know if their loved ones are dead or alive. They have no idea if they will ever see the people they care about ever again.