Winners of Free Agency

Winners of Free Agency

Free Agency can make or break teams for the upcoming year. Teams lose and gain about 10% of their team each year in free agency. These are the teams I thought made great moves and improved their chances at a Super Bowl.

New England Patriots:

The Patriots are an obvious winner here because any time you get Darrelle Revis you’re a winner. Not only did they get the best corner in the game but they got him at a great discount of only a 1 year, $12 million deal. That is the same price the Broncos paid to former Patriot Aqib Talib. However, the Broncos paid the far less talented Talib $57 million over six years. That makes Revis a steal. They were also able to add the talented-but-troubled star cornerback Brandon Browner to a team-friendly deal.

They also re-signed receiver Julian Edelman and reworked/extended Vince Wilfork’s contract for three more years. There was a time this offseason that Wilfork actually cleaned out his locker and demanded his release. It looks like there big nose tackle will remain happy for now, though only after his extension.

The losses weren’t that big either. They obviously lost Talib and replaced him with Revis. They also lost starting linebacker Brandon Spikes to the Bills but it looked like the Pats were sick of his act anyway. There focus will now turn to re-sign running back LeGarrette Blunt.

Overall, a really good offseason for a team that might only have a few more good years of Tom Brady left to win a Super Bowl.

Denver Broncos:

John Elway has decided that the time is now in Denver. After losing the Super Bowl the Broncos improved their team big time this offseason. They have added Pro Bowl safety T.J Ward, former Pro Bowl defensive end/outside linebacker DeMarcus Ware, stand out cornerback Aqib Talib, and promising young wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders.

They got Ward at a great price and Sanders came realtively cheap as well. Talib and Ware could be described as overpays but that’s a chance the Broncos had to take in order to compete with the Patriots and Seahawks.

They did have their fair share of losses but they were calculated losses. They avoided the massive overpay of number three wide receiver Eric Decker. The Jets are the lucky ones that get to overpay him. They also cut future hall of famer Champ Baily. The Broncos had to forget about loyalty and do they did the smart thing. His $10.5 million salary just didn’t add up. Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and Shaun Phillips were replaced by Aqib Talib and DeMarcus Ware respectively. No big problems there.

We shall see if the Broncos big moves will pay off, but I have a feeling that they won’t put them over the top.

Philadelphia Eagles:

The Eagles locked up wide receivers Riley Cooper and Jeremy Maclin and were able to re-sign their center Jason Kelce. They also signed free agent safety Malcolm Jenkins to a long-term deal.

They cut DeSean Jackson but I believe that Jackson was overrated anyway. His selfish act simply got too old.

The best move of free agency was the Eagles picking up former Saints running back Darren Sproles. Sproles’ speed and strength make him a perfect fit for Chip Kelly’s offense. This move alone makes the Eagles winners in free agency.