British Sniper takes down six with one

British Sniper takes down six with one

On March 31st a British Sniper in Afghanistan killed six Taliban insurgents with one bullet. The marksman used a single bullet to hit a trigger switch of a suicide bomber whose device then exploded. The 20 year old Lance Corporal in the Coldstream Guards hit his target from 930 yards away, killing the bomber and five others around him.

Several hundred Afghan and British soldiers were participating in an operation in December when they came in contact and were engaged in a gun battle with 20 Taliban insurgents.

“The guy was wearing a vest. He was identified by the sniper moving down a tree line and coming up over a ditch,” said Lt Col Slack. “He had a shawl on. It rose up and the sniper saw he had a machine gun. They were in contact and he was moving to a firing position. The sniper engaged him and the guy exploded. There was a pause on the radio and the sniper said, ‘I think I’ve just shot a suicide bomber’. The rest of them were killed in the blast.”

The sniper incident is one of a decreasing number of gun battles between British forces and the Taliban insurgents. In total, 448 UK soldiers have died since 2001, but far fewer have been injured in the most recent tour, with Afghan forces now leading 97 per cent of the security operations across the country.

This unnamed marksman saved numerous of his own men’s lives with his unbelievably skillful shot. He is a true hero today in the war on terror. We tend to take the brave men and women, not only fighting for the US but for other countries around the world, who stand up against terror for granted. People like this man use their skill set to stand up against injustice and deserve the utmost respect and gratitude.