Sprawling Club makes a comeback

After 30 long years, the famous Sprawling Club returns to Elder.


Back in the heart of the 1980’s, Elder High School was an amazing school to be a part of. Why, you may ask? Was it because of the state-winning baseball team in 1984? No. was it because the cross country team won a whopping four state championships in ten years? No, but close. The real reason the 80’s were such a tremendous time was because of Elder’s prodigious Sprawling Club.

The Sprawling Club was a popular club moderated by Mr. Klusman, where students of Elder High School could expand their brotherhood by participating in the weekly activities of going to parks and laying in the grass at parks in the Price Hill area. Most meetings were held at Rapid Run Park.

The former members of the Sprawling Club have a special place in their heart for not only the action of moseying around in the fields of parks, but the people who they did this with.

“I was more of a bystander compared to some of these other guys,” Said my father and former member of the Sprawling Club, Rob Sehlhorst. “Some people took it really seriously.”

Although many former students loved and embraced the composure of this club, many current students are a bit skeptical.

“I think that whoever came up with that idea enjoys another kind of grass,” said Junior, Jake Siethal. “But, yeah, it sounds like a decent idea to me, it really embraces the lazy side of things.”

The Elder brotherhood is always getting stronger. What better way to learn more about your fellow students, as well as yourself, than to lie down in the soft grass as the sun blazes upon you. I often think of how much better the world could be if we simplify things take a step back from the realities of life and worry about nothing but our current state. It is a form of meditation that can greatly affect the Elder Community and could become one of the most popular clubs at Elder.

Happy April Fool’s everybody.