Best of the lot 2014

Every year ‘The Purple Quill’ gives notice to the best cars… and the clunkers of the lot

Every August the Panthers file into the parking lot in hopes of another school year. For some, this might be the first time driving to school while others have been. In this year’s Best of the Lot has some new and familiar wheels.

 Best of awards:

Johnny Lammers’ 2014 Honda Civic

Lammers just made his way into the Best of the Lot rotation this year. His Civic is his third car since he has had his license, after flipping his truck on the way to school on a rainy day; he sported a yellow Ford Escape. Apparently his dad felt that he had enough embarrassment driving around in a Twinkie, so he leased him a new Civic. Lammers will be riding big next year on his way to Thomas More football practice.

Jimmy Riegler’s Jeep

Anyone that pulls out of the faculty lot on to Gilsey sees Big Rig’s Jeep sitting in the Community Service spots. His purple-ish hue of paint has slowly started fade over the years and the side mirrors seem like they have one more mailbox hit and they’re done but it’s still a good looking piece. When the weather is nice, Big Rig takes off the doors, puts down the top and rolls like a white Rick Ross. The only problem is someone delinquent picked up a snowball on his way out of school one day and threw it at Big Rig’s jeep and it plastered through the back cover of it. Though this jeep might be a few years out of date, Big Rig does it huge in the jeep.

Noah Burbink’s 2011 Dodge Charger

                Burbrink’s orange Charger isn’t alien to The Quill’s Best of the Lot awards. He has been chilling the American mucle since he first got his license sophomore year. The Charger rides like a space ship, floating down Neeb road into his circle driveway as he pulls in next to his sister’s just as impressive white jeep. The Burbrink’s don’t mess around when it comes to wheels, and for that we decided that Burbrink’s car gets runner-up in year’s Best of the Lot.

Davis Rensing’s 2009 Audi A4

With his golf clubs rustling around in the back, Davis rolls in a cherry red Audi A4. Purchased his junior year, he won last year’s Best of the Lot award. With his blacked out rims mixed with his black leather interior, we at The Purple Quill have decided to crown him the Back-to-Back Champ. With Davis graduating this May, the throne for Best of the Lot is open for the taking next school year.

Clunker awards: 

Nick and Matt Peters’ 2001 Toyota Corolla

Nicknamed “Larz”, the Peters’ car has gone through a lot. When Matt had his temps, he scraped it up against

The Peters' Corolla
The Peters’ Corolla

the side of the garage as he was pulling out with his mom. Later, Nick was at ASAP at the Western Sports Mall, and a few hulligans decided it would be a fun idea to steal Larz. The cops would go on to catch the bandits that stole Larz, but not before doing a considerable amount of damage to him. The CYO basketballs belonging to St. Jude were never recovered but the culprits did leave a Lil Wayne CD which the Peters still bump to today. Hopefully Larz will have a long prosperous life just like their older brother’s Honda Accord, which has over 200 thousand miles on it.

Joe Isham Toyota Camry

Ishon’s Camry is holding on for its life. Like it’s literally being held together by tape. A couple months back

What's left of Ishan's Camry
What’s left of Ishan’s Camry

Joe got a little too excited to leave and accidently backed into someone. Instead of going to a body shop and getting an estimate on what it might cost, Isham thought some Scotch tape would suffice.

Kyle and Kieth Orloff’s 1995 Plymouth Acclaim

                Orloff is used to taking some hits as he brings down the opposing players in football, but his Acclaim has also used to taking some hits too. This bad boy features no air conditioning and no heat, making winters brutal and

The Orloff's Acclaim
The Orloff’s Acclaim

summers excruciating for the Orloff brothers. As if it isn’t enough that they can’t feel comfortable in their own car, their ceiling has begun to slowly fall off. At the very least, the Orloff’s can use an iPhone cassette player converter to use to play music on their horrible drives. Honestly, the only decent thing I can see about this car is that it has motorized seat belts, which I’m not sure why car companies got rid of. 

Creativity award: 

Nathan Bischoff’s 1964 Volkswagon Bug

                Everyone knows when Bischoff is coming to school because anyone walking from their car to the cafeteria

Nathan Bischoff's Volkswagon Bug
Nathan Bischoff’s Volkswagon Bug

door can hear him coming from Price Hill Chili. Some might think his blue bug is newest piece to his collection because last year he had a black bug with John Lennon’s face spray painted on it, but it is actually the same car. Bischoff purchased this gem for just $3000 and he has had minimal problems with it. He hopes to keep adding to his collection.


Tim Diener’s 2006 F-150

Diener actually purchased this F-150 from his own dad and since then he has added his own get-ups to it. XD series strike wheels, nitto terra grappler tires, magnaflow exhaust, and a custom grilled equipped with a batman emblem are all new. By the end of this month Diener said he will have added four LED pods and cab lights too.  This bad boy makes monster trucks look like LaSalle’s O-Line, small and non-existent.

Tim Diener's Ford F-150
Tim Diener’s Ford F-150