Tornado Alley

Tornado Alley

Within the past few weeks across America, there has been a vicious onslaught of inclement and treacherous weather blasting through cities. Of the many storms that have hit, one of the most deadly so far was a tornado that pounded through Arkansas on April 27 that left many residents without homes, and caused 15 reported deaths. Not only did the destruction it caused suddenly change the lives of many people, but it demolished the town (which is just northeast of Little Rock) and will take a long time to repair.

More tornados ensued and more destruction followed ripping through Mississippi, Alabama, Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, Kansas, and Florida. From April 27 to April 30, there have been 45 deaths reported and there are still more expected to come.

“Obviously there has been storm damage. It’s a very serious situation,” said Mayor of Tupelo, Mississippi, Jason Shelton. “I am just encouraging everyone to stay inside and be weather aware. There is still a very real danger of another line coming through and people still need to be inside.”

Tornados are not the only thing that cities should fear during this time of the year. The dangerous weather has also caused more destruction throughout the Unites States. The tornados were “foreshadowed” by great floods that engulfed parts of California.

Despite the hardships that the residents and visitors of these towns had to face, the unwavering support is eminent through their struggles.

“Your country will be there to help you recover and rebuild, as long as it takes,” said President Obama, addressing the Arkansas tornados.

It is always tough to watch disasters like this happen from the outside. Numbness and wonder take control of you and often makes you wonder what would happen if you were faced with that kind of adversity. The residents of Cincinnati are lucky that the majority of the cities landscape is a rugged and rangy environment that makes it harder for a tornado to strike through.