End of the year struggle

Students at Elder talk about how they are coping with these last few weeks of school


Rawley Joseph Cook

Sam Hauer gazes outside before another tough day of school

As school comes down to its last couple of days, the problem most Elder students face is just trying to get to the end of another long school year. Each year starts out the same, with hope and promises that this will be the year we try harder in school and get good grades. This year, like the rest, ends with everyone just crawling to the finish line, just trying to pass each class for the fourth quarter.

I caught up with a couple of students that I know have been taking these last few weeks of school extremely hard. Junior Sam Hauer has been dying for summer this past couple of weeks, and it has shown in his school work.

“Grades haven’t been looking so hot this quarter,” said Hauer. “It seems like the closer to summer it gets, the lower my grades get.”

Hauer added that this beautiful weather isn’t helping either. “I definitely spend more time outside playing with the neighborhood kids than I do hitting the books. When this nice weather hits, all I want to do is play baseball and eat ice cream,” said Hauer.

He also talked about the sad days in class when he is gazing out the window and sees birds flying around in the beautiful weather and how he longs to be able to switch places with them.

Sophomore Chris Fox has also been feeling the end of the year blues.

“It’s getting harder and harder to wake up each morning, knowing that I have to suffer through another day of school,” said Fox. Fox agreed with Hauer that the nice weather is making it that much harder to sit through school while it is so nice out.

Fox noted that his grades have also been on the downward slope as summer creeps closer and closer.

“It’s getting to that point in the year when kids start caring less and less about grades and more and more about how many days are left in school, and I can’t say I haven’t fallen victim to this,” said Fox.

I sympathize with these two and all the students feeling the pain of these last few weeks of school. Each year it seems harder and harder to get through these last weeks of school, but the wait is normally worth it. To know that a month from now I can be running around with not a care in the world is something that can keep us all strong through these last weeks of school.