24 Hours of Jack Bauer

24 Hours of Jack Bauer

The show 24 starring Kiefer Sutherland also known as Jack Bauer is back after a four year pause. During this pause it was said that the show would never return to the air. The show began as an action series that premiered in 2001, which happened to be two months after the 9/11 incident. The last episode was set to end on May 24, 2010. 24 had eight successful seasons and the ninth season will be a revival of the show after the show was said to die out.

The show is about a man named Jack Bauer who goes through the worst day of his life, every day of his life. Everyday Jack suits up and works for a government agency called CTU. CTU is an anacronym for Counter Terrorist Unit. Before Jack worked at CTU, he was in the US Army and was discharged. Jack was always out to help the people of the United States of America, he devoted his life America.

While Jack devoted his life, he lost almost everything on the way. All Jack wanted is to serve his country and have a happy life with his family. His wife Teri died due to Jack’s work and his daughter, Kimberly, is not a fan of his career. Jack was also “used” by a few coworkers that were moles in the Counter Terrorist Unit. He has lost many friends along the way in his dangerous carrier.

The new season of 24, which was premiered on May 5, is called “Live another Day”. Sutherland reported to Fox News that “I admit to be excited to come back to the show. I am terrified of doing the show each day until they start to roll the camera.”

He is excited to see the new season of 24 take off like the previous seasons. As a fan I am interested to see how the rest of the season will play out. I have seen every 24 episode since the start of the  show. Many Americans who watch the show hope to see Jack Bauer back in action and to see what will happen on his next worst day of his life.