Senior golf outing finds new home


Seniors with Chemistry teacher Mrs. James at last years’ outing

With Hillview Golf Course being bought out to develop a new neighborhood, Elder has moved their Senior/Faculty Annual Golf Outing to Deer Run Golf Course. This marks the first time play has been moved since the outing’s inception in 1997. It was started by former English teacher and alumni director Mr. Joe Acito according to current director Mr. Brian Bill.

The Senior/Faculty Annual Golf Outing is just one of the many benefits the Elder administration gives to the seniors as part of their last year. The seniors last day of classes is May 22nd, but they must show up the next day to clean out their lockers and have graduation practice. After graduation practice, they go out with the faculty member of their choice for a day on the links.

A group of three students ask a faculty member to be in their foursome ahead of time and they tee off in a shotgun format with scramble play.

Hillview Golf Course closed in April, but the owner of the course, Paul Macke ’82, offered to continue hosting the golf outing at Deer Run, which is owned by another member of the Macke family. Last season, Deer Run just under went complete renovation, so it’s new to all seniors and faculty.

It’s the seniors last day of fun and relaxation with the faculty and staff before they are sent out off to graduate on May 27th.

“There’s nothing left to do [by this time],” Mr.Bill said. “Senior exams are complete, lockers are cleaned out, and graduation practice is taken care of, so there’s nothing left to do but enjoy the day with those who have helped get them to where they are today – their high school teachers!”

There are many outstanding parts that go along with the day, whether it be hanging out with the faculty and staff or playfully laughing at some of the seniors who have never golfed before.

“[The] best part is the original intent of the day,” said Mr. Bill. “And in the words of the iconic Joe Acito: “The idea has worked well – go out with a  laugh… at yourself, your friends, the faculty! Carpe diem!””