Legal murder

Two weeks ago, Boston and the whole United States was shaken yet again by an act of terrorism. With three dead and many more injured. The common thought of a U.S. citizen is that those convicted of such a heinous crime should be put to death. However, in this situation, I feel that death would be the easy way out. Capital punishment is a constantly debated topic in politics. The question of whether it is justifiable by the constitution is constantly thrown into the arguments, and both sides have strong feelings each way. Regardless of how many died and were injured from the attacks, the impact is in the past. Nothing done to the suspect, Dzokhar Tsarnaev, will ever change the fact that people are now dead or paralyzed from their injuries. This is a reason why some wish death upon Tsarnaev, yet his death will solve nothing. Terrorism has been a growing problem for a while, and with the 9/11 attacks, there has been a constant fear of another massive attack in our country. Some argue that if we let these terrorists (if that’s indeed what Tsarnaev is) live after deadly crimes, more are likely to happen. We have to “set an example” so that it doesn’t happen again. However, suspects of terrorist acts have been sentenced to death, and the Boston bombings still happened. Violence has never solved anything in this world; an eye for an eye makes the whole world go blind. Moreover, is killing a criminal really a way to justify the action of killing done in the first place? Killing is considered wrong, yet it is what is done to the murderer if he or she receives capital punishment. By putting any criminal to death, the U.S. is being hypocritical. As hard as it is, the public needs to take a deep look into Tsarnaev’s past to figure out the motive. Obviously an influence got to him and caused him to inflict so much pain and fear on the public. While the acts Tsarnaev committed are extremely evil and cannot be forgiven, death is not needed. In fact, keeping him alive would be a lot better. Making a murderer sit a padded cell for the rest of his life to think of his actions is a lot worse than killing him. Even if that didn’t happen, Tsarnaev should be forced to do some hard labor to benefit the society he crippled. Even though I do not know Tsarnaev, it’s safe to say that he probably doesn’t really feel like living at this point in the first place; killing him would give him what he wants. The government could also benefit from Tsarnaev in the future if he is given the chance to live. There is no reason to believe that he cannot change as a person. If he was good-hearted in the past and got morphed into thinking radically, time in jail could help change his outlook. Not to say that Tsarnaev should EVER be let out of jail, but one day he might decide to tell the government everything he possibly could about the terrorist organization he was associated with. This would lead to the U.S. gaining more insight into terrorism. Public opinion will most likely favor the death penalty. Americans have an unbreakable sense of pride when it comes to tragedies such as this, and some think capital punishment is the only “fair” way. No matter what happens to Tsarnaev, three Americans are dead and several are injured. Nothing will change this grim fact, but there is no benefit to killing Tsarnaev.