Awkward Apparel

As summer 2013 approaches, everyone gets more and more anxious for the seasonal trends and styles. Guys get excited to see girls in short shorts and bikinis and girls get excited to show off the rockin’ body they’ve apparently been working on all year. However, this summer there are a lot of clothing habits that a guy should completely avoid no matter what. Here’s the top five fashion faux pas for your apparel this summer. 5) Plaid Shorts: Plaid shorts never looked good, yet people continue to wear them. Plaid goes with three colors which are white, black and the exact same plaid pattern. Save yourself the time trying to match by not wearing plaid anything. EVER. 4) Ankle Socks: First off they don’t make your calves look any bigger. Second, it’s the summer; you shouldn’t be wearing gym shoes that much in general. Ankle socks have always looked awkward and will never become fashionable. Join the trend and buy yourself some high socks, they look 100% better. 3) Upside-down Sunglasses: The only time this looks respectable is if you are a baseball player, where the ‘shades on top of the hat’ is commonplace. Otherwise, you look like a clown. You don’t look athletic, and it makes you look extremely cocky. Save yourself some embarrassment, wear the shades correctly. 2) V-neck with an undershirt: This completely takes away the purpose of a v-neck: to stay cool. A v-neck is worn ONLY in the summer because it’s a lot cooler than a crew cut shirt and it’s a nice summer look, no exceptions. Honestly you look like a complete fool and obviously have no sense of style whatsoever. 1) Socks with Sandals/Sperry’s: This is the most aggravating faux pas out there. First off, a Sperry Top Sider is a BOAT SHOE. If you are wearing socks on a boat you have some serious problems. Socks with Sperry’s do not look any better or preppy-er. Second, sandals are to keep your feet cool. Why ruin the sensation by throwing socks on with sandals- it’s basically the same situation as the V-neck with an undershirt. We appreciate your attempts to stay stylish, but stick to the basics. If you follow these five Commandments, you will successfully survive summer with style. There’s no way any women will talk to you if you violate any of these guidelines. Happy summer shopping 2013.