Not just another mini golf game

Recently Vine has been taking the glory for the biggest and the most popular app out there, but a new game is arising instead of another bland social networking tool. This game took the idea of the old classic online Mini Putt game to the extreme and completely renovated the entire thing. This freshly popular game is called Mini Golf, the game already has been flourishing in downloads. It may seem like it is just a boring old game that will occupy someone for a couple of minutes but Mini Golf is anything but that. It offers a sense of addiction; you never want to put it down or even close the app. Ian Jennings is a frequent player of the upcoming famous game and said, “It’s my favorite app on the market. It’s not only addicting, but entertaining.” It contains an easy interface where you can simply start a game with a random player, Facebook friend, or a specific username. After that, it displays six different levels of difficulty on which you can decide to play.The levels are Simple Summer, Pharaoh Gardens, Awesome Autumn, Wacky Winter,Water World, and Carnival Lights. Following this, the intense match up begins. “Towards the end of the game it gets really intense. I’ve seen some good nail biters in my day,” said senior Max Mazza. You play only five holes, and earn points each hole depending on how many strokes it takes you to finish, the amount of coins you get on the journey to the hole. There are simple gold coins in which are worth not too many points; however, there is one purple giant gem that is worth two thousand points. If a hole-in-one is made, the next points you score are doubled, which boosts up your score drastically. After the five holes on each course are played the winner is established. Mini Golf stud Tyler Loebker knows every secret shortcut and maneuver to get that hole-in-one and said, “The hole-in-ones are necessary. They really give you the upper edge in the great battle of Mini Golf.” With the Mini Golf population growing, the popularity of the game is sky rocketing. Almost at all times of the day someone is trying to play against you. Get out onto the market or the store and download the app to join the fun.