What lunch are you craving?

As students of Elder High School know, the lunches at school change day to day. Lunches can range from something resembling a McDonalds kids meal to a dish at a top restaurant. I want to take a dive into the cafeteria at Elder High School and see what the recommended dishes are. As I gander through the menu, some of the meals consist of the chicken supreme, chicken alfredo, pizza, chicken fingers, and lasagna. Let’s keep in mind, these meals differ from the everyday panther burgers, chicken patties, either tater tots or French fries and the famous cookie that some say is worth dying for. Scoping out kids who buy lunch was difficult but I finally came across one young boy, senior Sam Kwiatkowski. “If not a chicken patty, the chicken supreme is always a nice choice. But you have to top it off with an Elder cookie,” said Kwiatkowski. The more I surveyed throughout the cafeteria the chicken supreme seemed to be the favorite. Coming in a very close second place we have a tie. Fighting for second place are the chicken fingers and the pizza. If you ask me, they both look wonderful. “You can never go wrong with either the pizza or the fingers. You know If you’re feeling mellow you grab the piece of pizza. If you’re feeling kind of happy you grab the chicken fingers. It’s an either/or type of situation,” said senior Chris Leisering when asked about what lunch he would choose. So you have the final results. You can grab the pizza if you’re feeling like a man. Or you can go ahead and grab the chicken fingers if you’re feeling like a little child. Either way, the meal will keep you satisfied for a small price.