Elder High School Mystery: The Blackboard?

Everyone has heard about it but few have seen it: the legendary chalkboard of Elder High. The lucky few who’ve seen the monument have also embarked on a mysterious journey. We began our journey by hunting down the anonymous gatekeeper of the fourth floor. He took us up the elevator and to the gate of the chalkboard’s lair, right next to Mr. Laake’s room. As we proceeded up the dark cement steps, we had to walk in single file because of how narrow the stairwell was. When we finally reached the top of the stairs, a thick wooden door secured locked away the mystery of the blackboard. The gatekeeper unlocked the door and let us in. It was dark, dreary and depressing, but on the wall radiating with history was the legendary blackboard. Upon the blackboard were names of past students who wanted to not only leave their hypothetical mark at Elder, but their physical mark as well. Not only did the students display their name, but also their year of graduation. As we scanned for names of people we knew well, we came up with the idea of searching for the oldest name on the board. After a few minutes of seeking, we came upon the most dated name on the board: Kevin Hobb from the class of 2003. Many names were also written, but sadly illegible. Senior Josh Moore was up in the utter darkness and said, “It’s eerie. I felt like someone was following me or something.” The board is filled with chalk and is almost as if it is a work of art. Although many names have been erased, some remain to this day. Our names were added to it when traveling up the dark journey to the famous fourth floor. As most don’t know, the fourth floor was the old journalism room and also was a location where a radio broadcast was produced, according to J.P. Owens. “I didn’t think it was real until this year,” said Chris Leisring, “Then I went up and actually saw it and was amazed to say the least.” When seeing the board for the first time, both of us felt the sense of pride and tradition within that board. The eyes that have seen it, the hands written on it, and the myth that is present confuses the naked eye. While descending the dark, gloomy stairs, the final dream of seeing the board was accomplished. “I think it’s awesome that we have this type of thing at Elder. It not only makes students wonder if it is real, but it gives Elder a little more history added onto the great past Elder already has,” said senior Ben Kenning. Throughout the future of Elder High School, the board will remain an icon to all the students. Some may think that it is just a legend or made up story, but for those that see it, they know the truth.