Who will hoist Lord Stanley’s Cup?

The NHL season, as we all know, was shortened this season due to a disagreement between the NHL and the players. It’s anyone’s game as the playoffs begin. The Chicago Blackhawks got off to a hot start early with their twenty-four game point streak. San Jose also had an exceptional start out west, but then drifted back after the middle of the season came by. Forty-eight games seems like a lot, but to these players it seems so little. In the west, it unfolded like this: Chicago in first winning the President’s trophy with a final of 77 points. Anaheim came in at second with 66 points. Vancouver placed third with 59 points. All of these teams were the victors of their respected divisions. St. Louis takes the fourth spot with 60 points, followed by the reigning Stanley Cup winner Los Angeles Kings who had a total of 59 points. San Jose dropped to sixth place after an impressive start. Hockeytown’sown Detroit Red Wings took seventh with 56 points, and to round out the west, Minnesota posted a final of 55 points. In the East, the Pittsburgh Penguins made it happen this year with their pickup of Calgary’s former captain, Jarome Iginla, winning the eastern conference with 72 points. In second, the young Montreal Canadiens had a total of 63 points. Third spot belongs to Washington and Alex Ovechkin with 57 points. The Boston Bruins stole the fourth spot with 62 points. Fifth spot belongs to the Toronto Maple Leafs who went against all odds this year to make the playoffs with a total of 57 points. The Rangers came in sixth with 56 points, and Ottowa copied with 56, coming in 7 th . To finish off the east, the New York Islanders took the eighth and final spot in the east with 55 points. AJ Harvey is Elder’s star hockey player, but AJ loves to watch as well as play. AJ told me he was a die-hard Red Wings fan, and has been since he was little. He was raised in a hockey household, a Red Wings household, and his dad is also the Head Coach of Elder’s JV team. “I think right now that the Blackhawks will take the Cup, facing off against Pittsburgh”, said AJ. I asked AJ what he thought would make this matchup one to remember and he replied, “Well they’re both one seeds and both have 70+ points. They’re both hard working teams and stacked with all-stars. They stick to fundamentals and have solid game plans and love to rough it out.” It’s going to be hard to tell who will take and hoist Lord Stanley’s Cup this year, but we, as hockey fans, are up for a wild ride. Hockey fans are arguably the most loyal fans in the sports world, and will stick to their teams through thick and thin through these playoffs.