Take a Chance

Chances  2nd album titled Acid Rap

Chance’s 2nd album titled Acid Rap

 You can tell by his name what he does for a living, but many people have no clue about his songs and albums.

Chance the Rapper, whose real name is Chancelor Bennett, is an artist who is often referred to as an “underground rapper”. This means that he is not on the radio every day and isn’t main stream. However, that doesn’t mean that he isn’t great.

Chance the Rapper started off with his first mix tape called the 10 Day which he recorded when he was suspended from school for ten days. The 10 day mix tape was the beginning of a continuously growing career in this industry for Mr. Bennett.

Chance then went on to produce his second mix tape called Acid Rap. Acid Rap kick started his career and led to greater success.

Junior Sam Middendorf is one of his fans.

Sam said, “Chance brings a killer vibe to the table, like no other current rapper of this time. His flow of words is up there with some of raps legends, but the kid still has got long ways to go. #Chance4president.”

Acid Rap and the 10 Day are both available free for download on his website chanceraps.com. That is where I got hold of them and listened to his music for the first time.

First, the 10 day mix tape was up. Chance was in his senior year of high school and his lyrics were still somewhat under developed from where he is now. The beats behind his songs were very good, however. When I first heard his song titled, “Prom night”, I didn’t think there could be a better song than that. Although, I soon discovered that I was wrong.

Next, I moved on to Acid Rap. The mix tape has single handedly made Chance one of the most elite rappers in my book. Chance had come up with a series of songs that had a psychedelic ring to them. In the song “Everybody’s Something”, it is almost as if I found myself swaying to the music in my own car. I was being taken in by the song and could find myself struggling to sing along even though I had never heard it before. On this album, Chance has many different songs that gave me that same feeling such as, “Chain Smoker”, “Cocoa Butter Kisses”, and “Paranoia.” All of these songs could make even the most unemotional man/woman be pleased to hear them.

Now, Chance the Rapper is on to his tour titled the Social Experiment. He is also releasing free songs available to stream and download on sound cloud. The most notable of his newest songs is “Wonderful Everyday”. Chance mixes a variety of sounds in the beginning which create somewhat of an orchestral effect. He finishes out the song with a lyrically genius verse in which he promotes a message that “comes from the heart.”

Junior Matthew “Matty Ice” Singler said this about Chancelor, “Chance is one of a kind. He’s the best of our generation. I look up to him because he taught me to forget the haters and just do you. His music gets me going.”

Another Junior, Brandon Vornhagen said, “The sky is the limit for Chance the Rapper. He has come out with some good songs like ‘Cocoa Butter Kisses’ and ‘Chain Smoker.’ I’m looking forward to seeing Chance do big things in the rapper world.”

Chance the Rapper is becoming more and more well-known across the U.S., so if you don’t know who he is yet, get to know him because you’ll hear his music soon enough.