Gone Fishin’

It’s that time of the year again. When fisherman begin to fix up their tackle boxes, and cast a line. The time of year when the trophy fish begin to surface. Elder students await fishing season like Bombers await country club openings. The Westside of Cincinnati has plenty of places to fish from private lakes to the Ohio River. Some places are private,and some require a license, but these four fishing spots are a must for the summer. Three Rivers Swim Club- Three Rivers lake is located behind the swim club in front of the camp ground.The lake is of average size, and features no shortage of fish. The lake mostly has bluegill and sunfish, but plenty of people have reeled in catfish. Some people have even caught some gigantic ones. The lake is excellent for catfish,but not for all big fish. Bass enthusiasts will not like three rivers. Only members are allowed to fish here, and the rules are strict, so if you want to check it out then befriend a member. Timberchase- This is the lake located back on Pickway. The lake is pretty good sized, and has some nice scenery. There is a little bridge in one corner of the lake which is a popular spot to chill and string some bluegills. The only problem with Timberchase is that it a difficult place to catch fish. The lake has some big carp,but bluegill is the majority of what is in Timberchase. There is a sign that says residents only, but the rule isn’t strictly enforced. Lakeview- Lakeview is located off Rapid Run Rd, and is encompassed by houses. The lake is large,and surrounded by backyards. One of the houses built a deck that stretches out onto the lake which makes for an interesting thing to see. Lake View features all kinds of fish including bluegill, catfish, and a bounty of bass. Lure fishing works well at Lake view. The only problem with Lakeview is that it’shard to find for first time anglers, but all in all a good lake to try. The Ohio River- Any part of the river is an ideal place to fish. In all honesty, if you actually want to catch fish in abundance then the river is not your place, but if you have the patience and enjoy hanging out with a buddy then the river is the best thing you could ask for. Beware thought that if you don’t have a fishing license, the game warden might hit you with a huge fine. So if you’re ever bored this summer grab your pole, ice up the cooler, buy some worms, and cast a line. I can’t guarantee you’ll like every spot, but one of these four are sure to make for a pleasant experience.