RIP to the Big ‘O

 “Boring cars are boring.”-Evan Deller

Joey Morand

“Boring cars are boring.”-Evan Deller

It’s big, it’s orange, it’s covered in rust, and it has seen its last days on the west side.          

Anyone who has walked down the main stairs and looked out towards the pit has seen Evan Deller’s iconic orange truck. The orange truck could be seen parked behind the Elder house, the purple and white house behind the press box, and every day at 2:35 a roar could be heard echoing the hills of Price Hill as Evan started it up.

“I bought the truck last summer,” said Deller. “I wanted to have a project to work on.”

The 1995 Ford F-150, known to many as The Big’O, has an eight inch lift, and tires that go up to one’s waist. When the truck was originally bought, it didn’t have an exhaust and was nearly illegally loud. When asked why he didn’t get a normal car like everyone else Deller simply said, “Boring cars are boring.”

The iconic truck did more than just drive on evenly paved roads, Deller would take it on monthly trips to Haspin, a track for big toys such as dirt bikes, quads and of course, off road trucks.

“I’ve got her stuck on a few occasions, but that’s half of the fun of the trip,” said Deller.

Though this truck seems to be work of art, with a closer look, one would see a few minor problems. A closer inspection would reveal a few rust spots covered in orange paint. Clever. Big’O’s parking break consisted of a cinderblock placed under the back tire.

“Who needs brakes when you have a good rock,” said Deller.

The key doesn’t fit into the ignition so it is started by the flick of a switch under the dashboard.

“I’m not too worried about someone stealing it,” said Deller. “If someone has the guts to steal Big’O without me hearing them, they deserve it.”

Deller has had a few mishaps with his big toy. Last winner while having a little too much fun in the snow, Deller slid down the snowy drive way and totaled the back end of Andy Ison’s car, senior Joey Ison’s older brother.

I asked junior Sam Middendorf if he had ever an experience with The Big’O.

“Evan was taking me to our lacrosse game when the truck died,” said Middendorf. “We were stuck in some random guys drive way for a good half hour.”

Evan traded The Big’O for a lowered E30 Beamer. Deller was tired of having the big truck and wanted something a little smaller and convenient. You can’t take the Beamer off roading, but it is still a fun car to have.

Evan Deller's new project
Joey Morand
Evan Deller’s new project

When Deller first made the trade, it caused many of his friends to question his sanity. A first look at the BMW gave the impression that he had made a mistake. A fog covered the outside body, and the interior hadn’t been touched since the eighties. But Deller wasn’t afraid of a challenge. With a little turtle wax, a few floor mats, and some rug seat covers, he turned this neglected old car into a pimping new ride.

Deller plans on lowering the 1987 Beamer’s suspension by another two inches making it a true low rider. I guess he just traded one project in for another.