Swing and a Miss

The annual ice cream day in the cafeteria was a little bittersweet this year. It is usually an anticipated event but this year it fell a little short of expectations. Tricia Rolfes, Shelby Cabral, and Kristen Shari from Oak Hills came to serve the student body sundaes but weren’t exactly received with open arms. A day after coming back from our spring pause, Oak Hills girls decided to spend their spring break, coming to Elder and serving ice cream. When Mr. Ruffing announced that Oak Hills’ students were coming, many students immediately showed their disapproval. Although the girls were here last year as well, they noticed that this year the participation dropped. They seemed to think that the students thought the event was held to raise funds for Oak Hills, but that was not the case. “The first lunch thought it was for Oak Hills and that’s not cool,” said Kristin Sheri who is a graduate of Oak Hills but still dedicated her time to serve ice cream. The event was actually held to celebrate the start of the baseball season and it seemed that it was just what we needed as the weather turned nice. However, it was noticeable that the excitement was rather low. In the past, girls from Mercy would be the ones to dish out the tasty treats and back then it appeared to be a bit more popular. Now if you think that everyone was low on enthusiasm then you are truly mistaken. We caught up with Robert Capannari as he was waiting with big eyes for a sundae. “The flavor of the ice cream doesn’t matter,” Robert told me when asked the key to a perfect sundae. “It’s all about having the right toppings, in this case, I have whipped cream, caramel, and hot fudge,” added Capannari. The event has been going on for the past several years so there is a good chance it will continue next year. The girls encourage more participation as the money raised stays with Elder. Besides, who wouldn’t want a cool snack on a warm spring day?