Illusionist Criss Angel returns

No lies, no smoke and mirrors, no tricks. Magician Criss Angel recently confirmed the rumors about his return to television. He’s not trying to fool anybody; the Mindfreak is back. This fall, Spike will host a new show featuring the famous illusionist. After three years of sitting behind the proverbial curtain, Angel will make his full return to televised programming with the debut of his currently untitled series. In the past decade, Angel has made a name for himself as a gothic street magician, performing improbable close-up tricks and monstrous endurance tricks. “Spike is thrilled to be able to showcase the talents of Criss Angel,” said Sharon Levy, Spike’s Executive Vice President of Original Series. “Criss has grown immeasurably as an artist and we are excited to give our viewers never-before granted access into the inner workings of his secret world and his mind.” Besides performing his mind-blowing stunts and tricks, Angel is giving an inside look at the creative process behind his magic. Calling it the “think tank,” Angel will invite viewers to delve into the minds of his team and marketers, the guys who make the show come to life. This unprecedented access will reveal the methods that go into creating, building, and performing these incredible feats. According to Angel, the themed episodes will focus on “mind-blowing magic, the supernatural, death-defying escapes andastonishing physical stunts that will challenge the very laws of nature.” Over the course of eleven one-hour long episodes, Criss Angel will demonstrate these feats, which he claims have never been attempted in history. Considering that magic has been a prominent art form for centuries, that statement seems unbelievable. His hidden pocket will be loaded. Angel is not new to television broadcasting, however. From 2005 through 2010, A&E hosted over one hundred episodes of his“Mindfreak” show. Ultimately, that series catapulted Angel into superstardom. He became famous with magicians and laymen alike, assuming the face of magic by winning the prestigious “Magician of the Century” award. His groundbreaking, innovative style caused a surge in interest for illusionists, and Criss Angel helped magic reach a new era of technology and creativity. As the fall season approaches, fans can only wonder what the magician will have up his sleeve. Since the announcement of the new series, rumors have been swirling and opinions have been flying. Will Criss Angel live up to the hype and deliver on his promises? Can he one-up his previous television show and perhaps become the best magician in the world? On a side note, what is the mysterious “think tank?” Tune into Spike this fall and find the answers to these questions. Criss Angel, the self-titled “Mindfreak,” is stepping out from behind the curtain once again and returning to television.