Epsilon Lambda Delta: The New Frat at Elder

Recently around Elder rumors are been beingpassed around about an upcoming “frat” that will initiate at the end of the school year, kicking off summer with a large bang. There are rumors involving the location, the objectives that need to be completed to gain admission, and the leaders. The rumors are true. Following graduation today for the seniors, they will inhabit the famous “Elder House” right by our second home we call Elder High School. Its right in the vicinity of Elder, placed right on Regina Avenue. The lease for this location was signed last September and the committee hopped right on the deal as soon as it went on the market. “The money really wasn’t the deciding factor. There was no way the committee could pass up the opportunity the make our new frat at the Elder House,” said co-creator Anthony Stacklin. The frat came to life when seniors, Joe Sansone and Hayden Cook pondered on the idea and finally took initiative to make it happen. They have been working extremely hard and have been doing a great job of keeping it down low on the radar so the word couldn’t get out. They all decided on the name as Epsilon Lambda Delta (ELD), based on the Greek letters. The problem the frat staff was having is what do student have to do for inititation? Well, there are various tasks that must be completed. First, they have to run five solid laps around the pit without stopping, then when done instantly recite a soliloquy from William Shakespeare’s Macbeth, flawlessly. Hayden Cook thought of this and said, “It shows their true strength and lung capacity. If they quit, then obviously they aren’t frat material.” The next event that one most compete to gain admission to Epsilon Lambda Delta is prove themselves worthy of the title. How may one do that? Well there are several ways. A student could sprint to class each day for a week, only say “Bro, chill”, “Relax”, “Lax”, “Reered”, and “S’ever” for a day, or prove yourself as a real Elder Panther fan by attending every sporting event possible, even chess. After you have proven yourself capable of keeping up with Epsilon Lambda Delta, then you’re in. Once you are in the frat, expect nothing but fun. Many activities will happen each day that will keep everyone satisfied. If you are a junior, the Epsilon Lambda Delta frat house will be holding grill outs before all sporting events beginning next year. Major founder Joe Sansone said, “I’m glad it’s finally all coming together. It took a lot of time and hard work but hey, it is here.” Just imagine waking up each day in a house surrounded by all your bros, dressed in purple and ready to dive right into the day. Contact Hayden Cook for more information on Epsilon Lambda Delta and for the try out dates. The panther pride lives within those who are a part of the frat.