Hoodie Allen’s rise to glory

One of the most popular types of music of this era, hip-hop, may have a new rising star: a Jewish rapper from New York who goes by Hoodie Allen. Starting as just some frat kid that could perform some raps at parties, Hoodie has matured and has become more and more of a legitimate rapper. Bill Macke, a recent addition to the Hoodie Allen fan club, has been jamming non-stop to Hoodie’s tracks. “I usually listen to super ghetto stuff…like Rick Ross (UGH!) and you can never go wrong with some throwback Biggie Smalls.” Macke said. “I’m not sure why, I just really like his songs, they’re really catchy and clever.” Recently, Hoodie has released a new mixtape titled Crew Cuts , which is his best yet. His older mixtapes such as Leap Year and All American portray Hoodie as a rapper that hasn’t quite gotten big yet. Hoodie lacked songs that truly defined his true style and he wasn’t very unique. However, Crew Cuts undoubtedly has a unique, “Hoodie-esque” feel to it. Also, Hoodie has gotten together with some of the bigger rappers in the business such as Chiddy from rap group Chiddy Bang, and Shwayze. More and more people are beginning to listen to Hoodie Allen and realize his talents. A super-fan of Hoodie Allen and Elder alumni, Matt Schneider had a lot to say about Hoodie’s most recent release. “I absolutely love Hoodie Allen, so my expectations were very high for this album and it did not disappoint.” Schneider said that his favorite song is “Fame is for Assholes” because it features another one of his favorite rappers, Chiddy. “I really like the two together. Maybe Chiddy should drop his partner and hook up with Hoodie…” Schneider jokingly stated. Being a fan of Hoodie Allen since his uprising, Schneider knows a lot about Hoodie and thinks that this new album holds some of Hoodie’s best works and is looking forward to adding the free mixtape to his phone. Lastly, Schneider commented that “Fame is for Assholes” has been stuck in his head since he’s listened to it, and knows every word to the song already. An avid listener of Hoodie Allen, Hayden Cook also believes that Crew Cuts is some of Hoodie’s best work. “Hoodie is finally gonna get big I think and I really hope he makes it.” Hayden commented. Cook said that he has no favorite song yet, but so far he loves every track. “Big name rappers like Drake and Rick Ross can put out awful music because they’re already big and people will listen to the songs just because it’s by a famous artist,” Cook genuinely stated. “I think the real talent in the industry comes from those on the low end of the totem pole.” Without a doubt, Hoodie Allen is making an impact on the industry of hip-hop music. Hoping to make it big someday, Hoodie has been busting out a lot of new tracks and seems as if he’s recording non-stop. Hopefully, his hard work will pay off and Crew Cuts will be the mixtape that makes him known. The mixtape is free right now and Hoodie isn’t featured on iTunes yet. A lot more people have been getting the Hoodie fever, however, so Hoodie may get a deal with iTunes soon. Even if Hoodie Allen doesn’t make it to the big leagues of the rap game, it’s definitely an understatement to say that he hasn’t done bad for a Jewish frat guy out of Long Island, New York.