Has COD gone too far?

Has COD gone too far?

Call of Duty, or commonly known as COD, has been one of the best-selling franchise games in the history of gaming. It has, in my opinion, changed the way that games are played nowadays. It has changed the multiplayer experience, single-handedly, for the better.

The Call of Duty Franchise has done many great things for the gaming world but has it been going on for too long? Call of Duty has been coming out with a new game since the first one that launched in 2003.

The beginning games (Call of Duty 1-3) were released with no multiplayer content. Frankly, these games just aren’t as fun if you go back and play them because most people only get the Call of Duty series to play on multiplayer.

That is where Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare comes in. This game is the start of a whole new direction in gaming. It connected so many players through the online experience and it was the role model for so many other games nowadays with similar multiplayer experience.

Mike Ridder had this to say, “They need to stop making them. The middle games (from Modern Warfare Black Ops 2 were the best games that they ever came out with. ”

The Call of Duty franchise has then come out with a new game for seven years in a row. They are also staging for an eighth game titled Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare to come out this fall. Each game they have come out with since MW2 (Modern Warfare 2), with the exception of World at War and MW3 (Modern Warfare 3), have been increasingly bad. It’s to the point where these games I don’t even buy anymore. That is why I think that the Call of Duty franchise should be discontinued. I asked Zach Rieth about this also and he said that he hasn’t liked any of the games since Black Ops 2. He continued that they just haven’t been the same since then and he won’t be buying the new one.

However, Robby Oswald still enjoys the games and said, “I love playing all of the Call of Duty games and each one gets better as they come out. I especially enjoy the zombies.” When I asked him if he would be buying the newest game coming out, he stated, “I will continue to buy them as long as they don’t get bad.”

Unlike Robby, but like Mike and Zach, I too believe that Call of Duty’s reign has gone on long enough. It is time for the makers, Infinity Ward, Treyarch, and Activision to move onto bigger and better things. Too me, it’s not that the games have gotten worse, it’s that they just are not coming up with any new content or game modes that spark interest in me. If I want to play COD for the multiplayer experience, I will play Modern Warfare 3, which happens to be my favorite game. After that, however, came a series of bad games that make me feel like the Call of Duty project should be shut down for good.