Bulldogs and vipers go state bound

Benchwarmers Blaise Weber and Sam Kwiatkowski have let it be known to the tri state area that St. Jude Bulldogs have won the league and are headed to Toledo to play for the state title. Joining them will be the 9-1 city champions, Our Lady of Victory Vipers led by Joe Ramstetter who pushed back his shoulder surgery, because we all know CYO basketball is more important than baseball. Ben Kenning led the Bulldogs to a surprising 10-0 season, which shocked many due to the fact the Vipers were the preseason favorite. St. Jude was recently handed their first loss in the city tournament by the boys from Bridgetown, the Our Lady of Visitation Vikings. Ben and Bieber look-alike Ian Sullivan, will not be able to join the Bulldogs on their journey to a state championship due to baseball. Staying back for the Vipers will be Matt Hoffmann and Michael Lubbe, also due to duties on the diamond. Headed up to the tournament, Jude players posted pictures on social media so that everyone who didn’t know they were going to Toledo, knew now. Missing their best player in Kenning, they weren’t sure how the tournament was going to go. When asked about their first match up Sam Kwiatkowski had some comments. “We played St. Eds kids. They all had beards and stuff,” said Sam angrily. The bulldogs were headed to the losers bracket and finally got some lesser competition. While in the consolation bracket, the players came up with the phrase “skinny ruby” hoping to get Blaise Weber back to his prime days of being really skinny. In the final four the Bulldogs lost their final game and were soon headed back to the ‘Nati. While the Bulldogs were playing in the “Friendship Bracket”, the Victory Vipers were killing it in the regular tournament. Making it to the final four was pretty huge. Win after win. Shot after shot. The Vipers were on a roll. Losing in the final four, they were frustrated. Although they were defeated, they went home satisfied. “Going to state was a good time. We almost won a state title and had a blast doing it. I think Jude knows who the better team is now. Even Blaise,” Were the words of Ramstetter on his return trip from Toledo. To the underclassmen who actually still have a chance, play your heart out and win a title. It sure seems like a lot of fun.