Can CJ beat CD’s record?

Tennessee Titans’ running back, Chris Johnson, has recently announced to the public that he will break Eric Dickerson’s single season record for the most rushing yards in a single season, next year. CJ made this announcement on February 27, 2013 to the NFL Network’s very own Andrew Siciliano. In 2009, Johnson rushed for a total of 2,006 yards. Titan fans nicknamed him CJ2K because of this great achievement. However, since the 2009 season, Johnson has been extremely inconsistent. Last season, CJ had five games in which he failed to top 30 yards on the ground, yet he had five games where he had over 120 yards. Minnesota Vikings running back, Adrian Peterson last year fell 9 yards short of this prestigious record. Last season, Peterson was never held under 60 yards on the ground. Peterson had eight games in which he had over 120 yards. Peterson once had a game in Green Bay, against the Packers where he had 210 yards and had a game against the St. Louis Rams where he had 212 yards. Peterson later went on to win the NFL MVP Award over Peyton Manning. I was able to interview junior, Chris Schroer, to see if he thinks CJ can beat this record or not. Chris should have a pretty good view on this because he was the starting running back for the Panthers last season. “No, he is not consistent and not durable enough to sustain a full season,” said Schroer. He really wasn’t sure what he would have to do in order to beat this record because he just doesn’t think Chris Johnson is good enough. I asked Chris if he thinks Adrian Peterson will ever beat the record, and he doesn’t think he will either. Schroer thinks Peterson will come close but not close enough. He also believes that Cleveland Browns running back, Trent Richardson, will come close to beating Dickerson’s record. Chris loves how both of these backs are on teams that rely on the running game. He feels that both Richardson and Peterson are both durable enough to play a whole season without being injured. He mentioned that he doesn’t think Chris Johnson’s offensive line is good enough, where both Peterson and Richardson have pretty good offensive lines. We will all have to see if CJ can beat 2,105 yards, set by Eric Dickerson next football season.