Country music; just another summer phase


As the weather begins to change, and the leaves begin to fall, I have found myself listening to far less country music than I had in the summer.

I would consider myself a fan of country music. Songs by The Zac Brown Band, Toby Keith, and Brad Paisley would be on repeat all summer long. However, as the summer’s days drew to an end, so did my desire to listen to songs about soaking in the summer’s sun.

It got me thinking if others, like myself, have found themselves slipping away from the hold country music once had on us.

I have a few theories as to why country dies with the falling of the leaves; country music is all most always associated with summer. Songs about splashing around in the sun, seeing girls in bikinis, and drinking till the next day, are all key topics covered in country songs.

In summer, students can relate to the songs. Staying up late, hanging out with friends, and partying like there is no tomorrow, happen on the norm. With the freedom affiliated with summer, kids feel a connection to the lyrics of the songs.

As summer ends, and the school year begins, the excitement of a summer’s night is quickly replaced with the stress that is accompanied with the start of school. Who wants to listen to a song about a pontoon when one is drowning in school work?

“Some of the songs just really kill the mood,” said junior Tim Hamberg, an avid country listener. Hamberg, like most high school student said he does not find country music as appealing as he does in the summer. “When I’m stuck with hours of homework, I don’t want to listen to songs about a farmer’s daughter or a solo cup.” “I would rather just listen to some chill tunes that get me through the long day.”

Another reason I feel country is just a summer time phase, is the over playing of songs on the radio. With the start of every summer comes the release of all of the top country artist’s new songs. At the beginning of the season, the songs are huge hits that can be heard in backyards and barbeques around the country. As the summer progress, however, the sounds can be heard on repeat on every radio station, turning a great song into just a nuisance.

“Every year I will hear a song on the radio,” said Senior Eric Mazza. “And by the end of the summer, I have heard the song so many times, I can’t stand it.” Mazza speaks for a majority of high schoolers is saying he the songs get “old” after a while. With the same song being played four times on three radio stations every hour, it is no wonder by the end of summer, kids are just bored with the same old songs.

With the over playing of the hit songs on the radio, and the high energy mood that is associated with a majority of county songs, it is completely logical that the love of country music fades with the start of summer.