Should books be banned?

The value of literature is often overlooked. To many high school students the monotonous pages of a book seem more like a chore to read than a valuable lesson. Indeed literature has more to offer than an extension of vocabulary. From social critiques to historical lessons reading in school offers an invaluable source of education. However, some of the most legendary pieces of literature have come under fire from parents and students alike who believe that the offensive elements in some books go too far and are not appropriate for teaching in classrooms. From Huck Finn to The Catcher in the Rye , all across America classic literature is prevented from being taught in schools. The oversensitive reactions of people often show the lack of knowledge or will to understand the lesson the book teaches. The educational aspect of a book is often overlooked due to certain elements in the story. We all know about the controversial word of choice used in Huck Finn, but what not everyone knows is that the word is used as an effective tool to satirize the society that the story takes place in and isused as “local color” to effectively engage the reader in the setting. The cultural literacy books have to offer is unparalleled even by television and other forms of media. Students need to read and to be educated in different fields. Books offer a ground for free thinking. Let the readers decide if they like the book or not, but do not prevent a student from gaining knowledge because others find things offensive. Our culture needs to be educated. We can’t be overprotective and we must get a taste of the “real world” which contains things far more dangerous than what can be found in the pages of a book.