For some unexplainable reason over the past three weeks, sloths, that’s right, sloths, have been trending on Twitter. There are many Twitter accounts for sloths. The most popular ones are @ImTheSloth and @naughtyslothh. This phenomenon is becoming known as Slothmania. The tweets about sloths are being retweeted nonstop. Nobody knows why they started trending all of the sudden, but these little guys have taken over our Twitter World. Many of the tweets just substitute “sloth” for a word in a popular song or saying. For example, a popular tweet that uses the song Thrift Shop is “Walk up in the club like what up I got a big sloth.” Or from Stacey’s Mom, “Stacey’s sloth has got it going on.” Now I talked to a student who many people say resembles a sloth, T.J. Nicholson. I asked T.J. what he thought about this new trend. T.J. told me that, “Everybody says that I am at least one half sloth, but I don’t see it. And the sloth tweets are hilarious. My favorite tweets is “On average a sloth gets 3.4 million chicks a year.” Joe Tedesco is one of T.J.’s friends that swears T.J. is a sloth. I asked him about the sloth trend and he told me, “I love the sloth tweets and memes because I always try to relate them back to T.J.” My favorite tweet is a twit-pic by @naughtyslothh that would not be appropriate for school, so I’ll leave it at that.” Finally, I talked to Tyler, “Gucci” Nieberding about the sloth tweets. He said, “Those tweets are just dumb. I don’t get it. It’s just a sloth. It’s not even that funny. This whole Slothmania will most likely die out in a couple of weeks, but the beloved sloth has left his mark on the Twitter World and in our hearts.