The Strokes are at it again!

In March of 2011, popular alternative rock band, The Strokes, released an album titled Angles that contained popular songs such as “Taken for a Fool” and “Under the Cover of Darkness”. People didn’t hear much from The Strokes after Angles was released, until now. A couple of weeks ago, a tweet appeared from The Strokes. The tweet was apologizing to the fans for the long wait but said to go to their website for something new. Lo and behold, a new song was at the front of their webpage ready to be played. “One Way Trigger” is the title and it is one of the catchiest and upbeat songs I have ever heard. Julian Casablancas, the lead vocalist for The Strokes, sings in falsetto for the first half of the song, which is a nice change of style for the band. Everybody knows that if a band releases a new song, a new album full of new songs is just around the corner. No more than a week after “One Way Trigger” was released, The Strokes announced their new album, Comedown Machine , will be released on March 26th, 2013. They did, however, say that the date may change, hopefully earlier. There is somewhat of a mystery behind the upcoming album’s cover art. Casablancas tweeted a picture of a girl wearing rollerblades that had the word “Rollerbladin’” in letters at the bottom. Casablancas said that it was art for the upcoming LP, which doesn’t make sense because the album being released is called Comedown Machine . He later tweeted another picture with a caption saying that he was considering different artwork. This picture also had the word “rollerblades” in it. Could rollerblading have something to do with the upcoming album? Pre-ordering the album now allows you to download a second song from the album, “All the Time”. “All the Time” is a more laid back type of song compared to “One Way Trigger”. Many fans are criticizing the band because of this song. What fans should be seeing is that this album will probably have a variety of flow to all its songs. Albums that have the same beat to every song can make you feel like you are listening to the same song over and over again. “All the Time” is just proving that the new album will have lots of different styles. Wanting to see what other Strokes fans thought of the upcoming album, I interviewed Jason Geis. Jason likes The Strokes because they keep their music simple but enjoyable and they are always open to try new things with their music. When I asked him about his thoughts about “One Way Trigger” and “All the Time” he replied, “’One Way Trigger’ is definitely new for them. It is a very electronic song that hardly sounds like them. Despite many longtime fans hating the song, it is one of my favorites. ‘All the Time’ is a less interesting track, but it shows that The Strokes are still capable of making good, simple garage rock, just like they did in the early 2000s.” Jason, as well as many other die-hard Strokes fans, is just exploding with excitement for the release of Comedown Machine . Hopefully, the new album will be a hit.