It’s back! The Walking Dead mid-season premiere

The Walking Dead mid-season premiere starts right from where it left off. Meryl and Daryl are in a ring surrounded by an angry crowd of people waiting for them to fight. Meryl starts fighting and Daryl, taking the hits, is told by Meryl to play along. While the fight is going on, Maggie, from a rooftop, shoots an armed young woman, while Rick starts shooting to cause distraction and chaos. The Governor smiles while he sees his people scramble in fear. Rick, Maggie, Meryl, and Daryl meet up with Michonne and Glenn at the road where they areparked. Glenn and Michonne immediately want Meryl dead for different reasons. Meryl tells Rick about how Michonne came into Woodbury and had two chained walkers and Andrea, who was extremely sick. Rick now questions her. Meanwhile back at the prison, the group is taking care of the four new visitors, Tyreese, Sasha, Allen, and Ben. Hershel is dressing a wound on Allen’s leg while Tyreese and Sasha, a married couple, are talking to other members of Rick’s group. When Hershel finishes with Allen he makes it clear that they should not get comfy because they might not be staying. Tyreese says that they are good people, but Hershel responds saying that it is not up to him. Back at the road, Rick, Maggie, Glenn, and Daryl discuss whether or not they should keep Meryl. Daryl, loyal to his brother, gets angry at the rest of the group. So Daryl decides to go off with Meryl and leave. Rick lets him go. “I think Daryl will find a new group but he will be back,” said senior Jim Nagel. Jimmy White, a senior, added that he wants to see “if Daryl will come back because the whole group will break.” Packing up the car getting ready to head back, Rick makes it clear to Michonne that once she is recovered, she is gone. Tyreese and his group go out into the yard to bury Donna. While there, Allen tlaks about jumping Clay and Carol, claiming that they can’t stop them. Tyreese and Sasha disagree with Allen and his son, Ben. While Rick, Maggie, and Glenn are on their way back to the prison, they get out to move a truck from the road. Glenn opened the door and a walker came at him that he kills in the most gruesome way, expressing his anger. He yells at Rick telling him the he does not know what they did to Maggie. Glenn wanted Meryl dead. Glenn was also aggravated about how the whole mission was to get Daryl and then he leaves with Meryl. Emotions are running high in Rick’s group. In Woodbury, the people are trying to escape out of fear but the armed men guarding the wall refuse to let them out. The entire town is in the worst possible shape. It becomes worse when three walkers attack a man, severely injuring him. The town stands there in disbelief expecting someone to do something. Then the Governor comes outside just to put a bullet into the man’s head, the only time he came out all day. Back at the prison, Carol and Carl were keeping watch at the front gate where they talk for a little bit about Lori. Rick, Maggie, and Glenn arrive to tell Carol about Daryl leaving. Carol is devastated. Andrea, showing immense anger, goes into the Governor’s room and confronts him on his inhuman way of killing the man. The Governor complains about how this town is spoiled and he does not care anymore. She also tries to talk him into letting her talk to Rick’s group. He explains that they killed an innocent girl and this is war, even though the girl was armed. Andrea realizes that she was shooting at her own friends during the battle and is troubled by it. As Rick enters the prison he walks right past the new group without saying a word. He goes in to see his baby, Beth says that she has Lori’s eyes and Rick has an inner mental breakdown from hearing the baby cry. In Woodbury, Andrea goes outside to try and calm the crowd down. She gives them a speech and then the town is all ok. Andrea looks up at the Governor’s room in satisfaction. She seems to still have her loyalty toward the town of Woodbury. Rick and the group discuss how they will be dealing with the Governor and his rebellion. Hershel suggests that they look into Tyreese’s group. Rick talks to Tyreese and says no. Sasha asks him again and he responds that he cannot be responsible. Hershel pulls Rick aside to talk. He tells Rick that he is wrong on this and needs to give people a chance. Just as it seems that Rick is about to give them a chance, he sees the ghost of Lori. He starts talking to her yelling “What do you want?” both groups start to question Rick’s sanity. Rick starts lashing out at the ghost with his gun and Tyreese’s group walks out. Rick stops and then realizes that there was nothing. “I’m worried about Rick being crazy,” said Nagel. White talked about the overall episode, “I liked it but it wasn’t intense as I thought it would be”. Nagel added, “It was good, but not too great”. “I would like to see a little more happen in the prison… the ending was ok… It was pretty crazy that Rick wouldn’t let the new people be part of the group,” said journalism teacher, Mr. Rogers. I thought the episode was ok, but that typically leads to a great finale in the season to attract you to the next season. This season has killed too many people and has screwed the group up way too much. The season is good so far but I want more in the sense that I want more victories. We will see what happens next, but I do believe that this season has time to become the best of the three.