Elder art steals the show

Art work from Elder students hung at the Art Academy of Cincinnati

Art work from Elder students hung at the Art Academy of Cincinnati

The Elder Art Department has had great success with only three months of work under their belts.

Xavier University hosts an annual art show, recognizing high school students for their extraordinary talents. The show is a jury exhibition; art work is submitted electronically and then reviewed by a panel of judges.

Five Elder students we hand selected to take part in this show. Seniors Ryne Poli, Jerry Porter, Patrick Morris, Jake Bono, and Collin Schwiers were all recognized for their hard work.

Previously Elder never had more than one or two pieces selected for the show. With the immense talent in the senior class, it is no wonder that Elder’s personal record was broken.

Ryne Poli told me he was proud to be part of the show.

“It is pretty cool to have my work hung on display,”  said Poli. “All of the hard, pays off in the end.”

The piece Poli has on display was actually painted last year. But the piece was so good it belonged in the show

“I feel Digital Photography was a huge part of our success,” said senior art teacher Mr. Buetsche. “With it being photography’s first year, I couldn’t be more pleased with the results.”

Patrick Morris, Chino to his friends, was one of the photography students who had a piece selected for the show.

“I never really considered myself an artist.” Morris told me. “But it is very cool to have my work hung on display in a real art show.”

The art show will take place Friday, November 7th at the Xavier University.

The artistic Panthers are also being recognized by the Art Academy of Cincinnati. For this exhibition, 10 upper classmen were nominated to have their work displayed at the exhibit.

The show is titled SCPA meets ELDER and compares art works from students at SCPA and compare it side by side with those from Elder.

The art work will be on display until the end of November.

Two of Elder’s paintings hanging side by side