Retro video games make a comeback

The days of Super Mario Brothers, Pokemon on the Gameboy, Zelda, and Spyro seem to have been dead and washed away to the past. Recently, it seems as if these classic and simple games have made a miraculous comeback among the gamers that used to spend hours on end beating these games. On sites such as eBay and Amazon, the prices of all of these games seem to be going up rapidly and also the prices of the retro systems such as the N64, SNES, Gamecube, and Gameboy have also been skyrocketing from just a few years ago. The conclusion is that people want to buy these games again. With Super Smash Brothers, Pokemon Crystal, and Several Zelda games being marked up at almost a $40 minimum, these games are up in price from when they were brand-spanking new. On eBay and Amazon, these games that are only$40 are also the used ones that aren’t even assured to work right. If you want a brand new Super Smash Bros. or Pokemon crystal still in the box, you’re gonna have to chock up over $450, that’s a lot of money to be able to “catch ‘em all”! These games are fun regardless and can’t be emulated in the same way even if they had better graphics. What would Pokemon be without the bad graphics? In my opinion, not nearly as fun. These old games were addicting, still catching interest after hours of gameplay each day. Today, the Call of Duty’s and Halo’s seem to become boring after a while for everybody that plays, even after making new map packs. My thoughts on these games is that their ideas are too complicated. Pokemon and Super Mario sold so well because there were simple to understand storylines and controls. For these game developers I leave the advice of “K.I.S.S.” (Keep it simple, stupid.) for selling these games. Places such as CD warehouse still sell these games at a cheap-er prices, which is a steal for some of these titles. They have walls full of gamecube, Playstation 1 and 2, original xbox, Gameboy, and N64 titles for sale. Ben Smith, a junior at Elder, still enjoys games such as Pokemon. “I still play Pokemon Crystal, Gold, and Emerald”. Ben told me that he is very happy that he didn’t just give away these games because he still gets thorough enjoyment from this classic game. “It helps me stay in touch with my childhood I guess. I wouldn’t give these games up for anything”. In a couple of decades, these games can be worth a pretty penny. My personal advice for the audience is to find some friends or family who don’t know any better about these games. Then try to get them off their hands for a cheap price, and make some money for yourself or even just keep them and simply enjoy.