Elder’s “prestigious” club

Physics Club has become one of Elder’s most famous clubs over the years. This club has been around for as long as I can remember as a freshman. However, this year, they have stopped the club. Physics club used to gather once a week at 7:00 in room 304 to watch the Big Bang Theory. This club often deceives many people who look at students’ extra circular activities like for college or for scholarships. Elder’s very own Mr. Doc Sharp started the club a few years ago. He said that the reason he named it the “Physics Club” is because he knew students needed to find good things to put on their resumes. And what better way to fool people than to be a part of the “Physics Club”. Doc mentioned that the reason he stopped the club is because the show would run into homeroom. Club members would be late for their homeroom period and room 304 was extremely crowded since Mr. Sharp had a homeroom. Some original members of this “prestigious” club were Kevin Groll ’12, Matthew Murphy ’12, Kyle Murphy ’12 and Brandon Alverson ’12. Last year, the club only contained seniors so there are currently no students at Elder who were in the club last year. Just recently, the Big Bang Theory was awarded T.V.’s best comedy by the People’s Choice Awards. The show beat out shows such as Modern Family, How I Met Your Mother and Glee. Clearly, the Big Bang Theory beat some tough competition. “I totally agree with this award,” said Doc Sharp. Doc said that in every part of the show is completely accurate from the physics stand point. He loves how nobody really fully understands all of the physics and yet people still find the show to be hilarious. Elder Senior Chris Mattress originally tried to start the club again this year. Chris said that he felt that Physics Club has been a tradition over the years and he didn’t want to see it go away. Mr. Doc Sharp said that it wouldn’t take much at all to get the club back up and running again. Although Chris still believes there will continue to be a problem with homeroom, he thinks that it will not be as much of an issue. Chris plans to have the club meet every Tuesday or Friday at 7, depending on what day would be better for Doc Sharp. Should Elder consider starting up this “prestigious” club again?