Elder and Seton Talent Show 2013

The annual Elder and Seton Talent Show was held this year on Wednesday, January 30 th . This year’s show featured singers, dancers, a magician, and even a Kermit the frog impersonator. Elder Senior Casey Mulligan started off the night singing Uncle Kracker’s hit song “Follow Me”. Accompanied by Drew Mannix on the guitar, Mulligan was a crowd favorite. By encouraging the crowd to sing along, Casey made his act that much more memorable. The next act, and my personal favorite, to perform was Jonah Paff. Jonah’s act consisted of him singing “The Rainbow Connection”—only, it had a little bit of a twist. As Jonah walked on stage, the audience noticed a Kermit the frog puppet in hand. Paff sat in a chair on stage and all the lights dimmed, save a spot light shining on the Kermit puppet. Jonah’s impersonation of Kermit singing “The Rainbow Connection” was so good that it really seemed like the green guy was on stage himself. When asked for his thoughts on Jonah’s performance Tony Faillace remarked, “I didn’t expect Jonah to do that, so it was awesome. And he sounded dead on Kermit the Frog. It was a nice break from the monotony of the rest of the singing. It left a smile on my face even after it was over”. Another star act of the night was Senior Drew Mannix, who sang a “Pop Medley”. Mannix’s included the following: “I’m Yours”, “The A Team”, “Jar of Hearts” and “Home”. Mannix said that the reason he did the talent show was simply because he likes performing music whenever he can. “I felt a little nervous before going on stage, but after I got in front of the audience I kind of just went with it and felt pretty comfortable,” said Mannix. Ashley Bretnitz, a senior at Seton, is also a big fan of Mannix. “I loved it,” remarked Bretnitz. “He’s awesome at the guitar and has an amazing voice”. The final surprise of the night was when Junior Nick Kroger sang “Halleluiah” with Senior Lindsey Mullen. When Nick first got on stage I, along with most of the audience, assumed he was just going to play guitar for Lindsey. We were proved wrong, however, upon hearing Nick harmonize with Lindsey for the duration of the song. “I was really really surprised,” said Senior Justin Korte. “I didn’t think he would be the kind of kid who would get up on stage and sing in front of everyone like that. He was really good, though.” Clearly, Elder and Seton have some really talented students. This spring, many of those from the Talent Show will be performing in the school’s musical—“The King and I”. Make sure to come out April 17 th , 19 th , 20 th , or 21 st to see the results of all these students’ hard work! Be sure to check out the mp3 files to the left of this article, they are actual recordings of the performances and can be accessed by clicking the play button.