Beyonce halftime stunner

In case you live under arock this year Beyonce was the Super Bowl Halftime performer. Leading up to the Super Bowl, she was talked about almost as much as the Ravens and the 49ers. I know my friends and I all stopped what wewere doing, turned up the TV, and took a seat on the couch. We were more focused on the Halftime showthan the actual game. Kenny Wengert summed up her performance in two words while we were watching,“Magnificent. Breathtaking.” I think that’s what everybody was thinking. So many great artists have recently performed on this incredible stage. Whether or not Beyoncewas better is pure opinion. Personally,my favorite performance in recent years was by Bruce Springsteen. Beyonce was great, but you can’t beat the Boss. Senior Andy Meyer told me that “Beyonce’s dancing wasjust so classy and elegant you couldn’t take your eyes off the screen.” I found a little bit of sarcasm in his voice,but I have to agree you couldn’t take your eyes off the screen. All Adam Guck had to say about it was “She was somuch better than Madonna.” I definitelyhave to agree with him there. Some were not lucky enough to even get to see Beyonce. I asked Hank Voellmecke whathe thought about the performance and he told me that he had to work during thewhole Super Bowl. “Kroger didn’t evenhave a TV set up for us!” He said thathe did get to see Madonna’s performance last year, but he wasn’t a bigfan. Elder definitely was not a fan ofMadonna’s performance. Mr. Reiring told me that he wasn’t a big fan of Halftime Shows in general, but he said, “I love The Who. If they weren’t such old men when they performed it would have been alot cooler. Back when they were in their prime they would have been great.” Some say Beyonce and the Illuminati caused the power outage, but I don’t buy it. I agree withthose who say she was just so good she knocked out the lights.