Temple Run: New and improved

If you enjoyed running through the ancient ruins while avoiding obstacles and gorillas in Temple Run, than you will love the Temple Run 2. Imangi Studios recently produced a sequel to its hit game Temple Run, but with more action and obstacles. The second Temple Run offers more difficulty and twice the amusement. The biggest change to Temple run 2 is the course. The scenery is brighter and nicer looking. The track is different right from the beginning when the avatar has to zip-line down a rope to stay on track. The Zip-lines occur throughout the course in a variety of ways. The track also depresses and elevates through sets of stairs which are not hard to navigate. Temple Run 2 features more obstacles than the first game. Spinning logs with spikes are embedded in different parts of the game. Streams of water and flamethrowers also add harassment for players to deal with. As the game progresses, the obstacles are thrown in streaks. The biggest change to the game was the addition of a mining car. The avatar will eventually enter a coal mine and hop into a mining car. The Mining car can be difficult to control with the tilting of your Ipod or Ipad. The coal car is lead onto derailed tracks which is the most difficult task in the coal mine. The coal mine adds an exciting part to the game which takes the player away from the monotonous turns of the rest of the game. The new game has one more change. There are no magic wings to keep people in the game. The only thing that can keep a player alive are diamonds that pop up along the track. The Diamonds are limited unlike the wings in the last game which could be purchased with coins. Imangi definitely took their hit game to the next level. Temple Run 2 offers all the excitement of the first Temple Run with many extras. The new obstacles and additions will give the experienced Temple Run player a new challenge.